26.6kW System is designed for larger properties that consume large amounts of electricity. So for large residential and large commercial properties, a 26.6kW is a great choice for your energy needs. It is the most liked Solar System among all the larger-sized properties which can save up your $1500-$1800 on your electricity bill.

Few of the most popular and most available sizes of panels are 370W, 390W, 400W, 440W, 450W. According to the available space on the roof, the size and number of panels can be decided.

Tier 1 Panels

A manufacturing brand that has been in the solar manufacturing industry for more than 5 years has a stable balance sheet and also their production line is fully automated & a reputed name of the brand in the market is listed as Tier 1 panel.

Selecting a Tier 1 panels brand can give you lifetime peace of mind by giving you a high standard of panels along with 25 years of performance warranty.

Smart Grid Connect Inverter

20kW brand new inverter

Smart Grid Connect inverter is a new generation technology that combines solar energy and other energy resources into the electric grid. It is also a next-generation inverter which comes with the Standard Safety Measure which protects it from the change in climate, dust it has these functions mentioned below

Free Wi-Fi Monitoring

You can connect your inverter with your home wifi and monitor how much your solar system is generating in real-time. You can use an app that can be easily installed on your mobile and see the real-time generation as well as detailed information about the history of the system’s generation.

Installation Process

Sunrise Power has in-house CEC accredited Installers who are professionally trained to install solar systems. We have Experience of more than 7 years in installing solar systems. It will be a smooth and fast process of solar installation.

Mounting kit

Our mounting kit avails with


Using the right cables and minimizing cabling distance ensures maximum efficiency of your system. Our experienced installers use only premium quality cable and know how to design a system in such a way as to maximize its efficiency.

With all these features you can get a Hassle-Free Installation Process.



After the installation, you will get below-mentioned warranties for your brand new solar system

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