Clean Energy Council has done a fantastic job in solar industry and has kept specific high standard for the manufacturers of the solar products, so that an end user can be in peace of mind. Any solar product if it’s made in china or anywhere else can not be sold or installed if it’s not made according to the standards set by CEC. And we also can check the market share of the Chinese made panels according to their quality. 4 out of top 5 quality panel brands are Chinese made.


Electricity generated by Solar system can be stored in a battery. The best option is to install a hybrid inverter so that a battery can be attached with it easily. After that your solar generated electricity will be used in your house and simultaneously it will charge the battery as well so that you can easily use that electricity in night.

  • Solar power is pollution-free and causes no greenhouse gases to be emitted after installation
  • Reduced dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels
  • Renewable clean power that is available every day of the year, even cloudy days produce some power
  • Return on investment unlike paying for utility bills
  • Virtually no maintenance as solar panels last over 30 years

100% worth it. From it’s generation to consumption it just give benefit, be it monitory or environmentally and that is the reason why the whole world is it’s been used worldwide. Though there are some points to think before you go for solar like your roof space and direction, shadow on your roof, direction of your wall on which the inverter is goin to be installed, phase of your electricity connection and depending on that the criteria set by your electricity distributor for installing a solar system on your connection and exporting electricity back to the grid. If you can tick all these factors yes then you can surely go for solar power to save a lot on your electricity bill.

Basic idea about a solar system you have to keep in mind is that a solar system only works in the day time as it generates electricity from Sun rays. So if there is no Sun it will not generate anything, and if the weather is cloudy and rainy it may generate less or may not generate anything.

But by attaching a battery with it you can charge it during the day and you can use that stored electricity in the night time when there is no Sun.

You have to pay for the electricity which you are using/purchasing from grid. Solar system provides free electricity by generating it from Sun during day time. So you can replace your electricity consumption from Grid to Solar power and can decrease your consumption/purchase of electricity from Grid. So ultimately you don’t have to pay for the electricity you have to purchase from Grid and on top of it the access generated electricity you can export/sell back to Grid for which you will be paid by your electricity retailer.

Electricity expense does a significant impact on your monthly budget. Having a solar system on your property is a direct benefit to your monthly expenditure. So the buyer will always prefer a property with Solar system instead of without Solar system and will be happy to pay more for a property which already has a solar system installed.

Solar panels convert sunshine into power, so if your panels are covered in snow they can’t produce electricity. Snow generally isn’t heavy enough to cause structural issues with your panels, and since most panels are tilted at an angle the snow will slide off. If snow does accumulate, your panels are easy to clean.

Solar panel systems are made of durable tempered glass and require little to no maintenance for the 25 to 35 years that they will generate power. If something does happen, most equipment manufacturers include warranties, although warranty terms depend on the company.

For straight forward installations, our crew can have this completed in 5-6 hours. However, we will do a thorough site survey and engineering review before we commence installation so we can give you a more accurate time frame. Larger commercial or business installations can take longer depending on size, complexity and any special mounting requirements.

Your eligibility for Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC) available through the federal government’s Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme is based on a number of factors including the size and location of your system.

Yes. Sunrise Power has in-house As a Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer, we only use CEC Accredited Installers for our installation. Our team are all licensed and accredited so you can be sure your solar install is in safe hands.

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