Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power

Just like all forms of energy sources, whether it is conventional or non-conventional, solar power too has its share of perks and perils. But as a consumer, if you are considering to invest your hard-earned money in installing a solar panel, it is your right to know the advantages and drawbacks of solar energy.

Although we live in a time and age where information is freely available, there are still some myths going around related to solar energy. Some say it is only for the wealthy people as it is too expensive while others feel that solar energy is not multipurpose, etc. All these myths distract the consumers from the real question: Why are solar panels good?

Thus, in this blog, we will discuss the real pros and cons of solar energy that will help you make an informed decision when it comes to installing a solar power panel. In addition, while explaining the advantages and disadvantages, we will go in-depth and understand why is solar power good for your home and office.

Thus, without further ado, let us get started!

Advantages of Solar energy

The advantages of solar energy are aplenty. For your benefit, we have listed some of the top pros below, have a look:

Lowers your energy bills drastically

When you install a solar power panel at your home, you generate your own electricity. Thus, with this, you become less dependent on the non-conventional source of energy that as a result will reduce your monthly electric bill.

With Sunrise Power, we render a solar power panel that has a lifespan of more than 25 years. Thus, after installing the panel once, you can be assured of having lower electricity bills for decades to come.

Reduces carbon emissions

Another explanation of why solar power is good lies in the fact that this form of energy is gentle to the environment as well. Solar energy is a renewable and clean source of energy that helps in reducing CO2 emissions and curtails the carbon footprint in the environment.

Other than fossil fuels, if we compare solar energy to nuclear energy as well, it comes out on top in terms of being an environmentally friendly solution.

Enhances the overall value of your home

Apart from the direct monetary advantages of having a lower electricity bill, solar energy also assists in increasing your property values. Many researches have shown that houses with solar power panel have 4-6% increased value than the houses that don’t. Therefore, along with reducing the electricity bill, the solar power panel can make your house ‘a hit’ in the market if you are looking to resell your property. Thus, any kind of investment in solar power panels will not go in vain.

Renewable source, thus easily available

Living in Australia, you already know that there is no dearth of sunlight in the country. This implies the fact that solar energy is available in abundance and that too for free. Thus, another answer to the question: why solar power is good is that it is a conventional source of energy and unlike fossil fuels, there are no chances of solar energy getting depleted in the coming future.

Being renewable makes solar energy accessible to everyone.

Diverse applications

If you are still looking for an answer to the question why solar panels are good, this point will definitely put all your doubts to rest. The solar energy is used to produce electricity which can have diverse applications such as:

  • It can be used for commercial purposes
  • It can be used for domestic purposes

In addition to the above mentioned areas, solar energy can be used to distil water in the areas with limited water supplies. Moreover, along with reducing your household electricity bills, it is used to produce electricity in areas with limited access to the energy grid.

Disadvantages of solar energy

After the high-flying advantages, it is time to understand the perils of solar energy. Explaining the disadvantages will have you keep away from the myths and make more informed decisions related to solar energy in the future.


As sun is the primary source of energy, installing a solar power panel is not advised if your area is not adequately exposed to sun energy. Although it is possible for the solar power panel to produce energy on rainy days, the efficiency of the energy will not be at its optimal level.

Moreover, the consumers should also remember the fact that solar energy cannot be collected at night. Thus, these points make it a weather-dependent form of energy.

Cost of installation

The initial cost of installation of a solar power panel is fairly high. It is because the final purchasing includes paying for batteries, invertors, wiring, solar panels and other installation. Thus, among the pros and cons of solar energy, initial costing can be considered as its biggest disadvantage.

But the consumers should also understand that even though the initial cost is high, solar power panel is a cost effective solution in the long run. At Sunrise Power, we render immaculate solar power panels to our clients which will become free in 3-5 years. Thus, it is important for the consumers to understand all the aspects before finalizing their solar power panel distribution partner.

Uses a lot of space

Solar power panels can be guilty of using more space depending on the amount of energy generation required. If you want to produce more electricity, you would need more solar panels that will require more space. Thus, there can be instances where some roofs are just not big enough to accumulate all solar power panels.


Despite all the above mentioned disadvantages, solar energy is a far better energy solution as compared to the non-conventional energy sources. Thus, the answer to why solar power is good is mostly in the affirmative.

Moreover, consumers should be mindful while choosing their solar power installation and distribution partner. Because, no matter how good the energy source is, if the quality of the solar power panel is not got, solar energy will be of no use.

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